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Jessica Anne Jordan Burton (born 6 May 1984) is a Bolivian-British politician, model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Bolivia 2007 and represented Bolivia at Miss Universe 2007 pageant in Mexico City.

Jessica is the only child of an English father and Bolivian mother, Aida Burton. Her father, Andrew Keith Jordan is a petroleum engineer. In addition to Bolivia, Jessica has also lived in England, Scotland, the US and Brazil.

In her youth Jessica was very interested in sport and traveling and her mother worried that she was a bit too 'tomboyish' and not 'girly' enough. At about 16 years of age her mother enrolled her into modelling classes, which Jessica found she enjoyed.[1] As a result, Jessica went on to participate in numerous fashion competitions in Europe the US and Mexico as well as having succeeded in many beauty competitions. These include Miss Mundo Latina, which she won in Miami in 2003. Jessica Jordan succeeded Desiree Durán who won the Miss Bolivia title in 2005, and Miss Bolivia Universe in 2006.[2] In addition, she was crowned Reina Internacional del Café 2008.

Jessica had acquired an interest in politics from her mother and states that she always wanted to help her country. Her beauty title gave her the opportunity to meet people of influence, which culminated in her meeting the country's president, Evo Morales. President Morales invited Jessica to stand for governor in the very marginal constituency of Beni, in which the President's party Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) had previously lost by 25,000 votes. Jessica did not win but obtained more than 60,000 votes, losing by 2,900 votes (having narrowed the gap). She nonetheless obtained 40% of the votes.

After the election, the President asked Jordan to become the representative of the Agency for Macro-Regions and Border Zones (Agencia de las Macrorregiones y Zonas Fronterizas; Ademaf) in Beni. Critics say that this position puts her in competition with the elected governor. Jessica is responsible for a budget of US$700 million a year for Beni, to be spent on roads, nurseries, hospitals, etc.

In September 2012, the MAS renominated her as candidate for governor of Beni in the 2013 special election.[3] Jordan was defeated by Carmelo Lens of the Beni First party, who won a 52.27% majority ahead of her second-place finish with 60,382 votes (44,35%).[4]

Jessica is very influential young women in Bolivia is now General Consul of Bolivia in New York.


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Preceded by
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Miss Bolivia Earth
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Carla Fuentes
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Desiree Durán
Miss Bolivia
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Jessica Anne Jordan Burton es una modelo y política boliviana, nació el 6 de mayo de 1984 en la ciudad de Bath, Inglaterra, y se trasladó a vivir a la ciudad de Hucaraje en el Departamento del Beni (Bolivia) cuando era niña. Jessica Jordan es sucesora de la cruceña Desiree Durán (Miss Bolivia 2005 y Miss Universo 2006), por lo que representó a Bolivia en el Miss Universo 2007.

Jordan ha participado en numerosos desfiles de moda tanto en Asia como en Estados Unidos y México, también participó en concursos de belleza donde consiguió diversos logros. Entre los últimos fue el concurso Miss Latina Mundo en Miami el 2003. Antes participó en el concurso Top Model en Düsseldorf (Alemania) donde consiguó el séptimo lugar entre diez finalistas y gano Miss Simpatía, fue candidata al Miss Tierra 2006, donde no figuró. La joven boliviana obtuvo el 13 de enero la corona del Reinado Internacional del Café, primera corona de este certamen para Bolivia en más de 30 años, país en el que su máximo logró en este certamen fue con Miss Bolivia Tierra 2003: Claudia Azaeda, que obtuvo el título de Virreina hace años atrás.

Jessica es hija de una boliviana y un inglés. Viaja constantemente de vacaciones a algunos países de Europa (entre ellos el país natal de su padre) y Estados Unidos en el cual ha conseguido numerosos contratos. Jessica habla tres idiomas, español, inglés y portugués.

Trabajó durante un tiempo en Estados Unidos y en diversos países de Europa ejerciendo de modelo profesional, regresa a Bolivia y participa en el certamen Miss Bolivia 2006 representando a su departamento con el título de Srta. Beni. Logra las bandas al “Rostro más bello”, “Chica Aerosur”, “Mejor Sonrisa”, “Miss Fotogénica y finalmente la corona el 8 de junio en la Feria Exposición de Santa Cruz.

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