Wanda Nara (born 10 December 1986)[1] is an Argentine actress, glamour model, entertainer, and football agent. First married to Maxi López from 2008 to 2013, she then married Mauro Icardi in 2014;[1] she has obtained much popularity[1] due to her professional career and personal life,[1] which has aroused the interest of the international press.[1] Zaira Nara, also an Argentine model and entertainer, is her younger sister.[2][3]


Nara's original family is of Lebanese descent.[2] Her younger sister is Zaira Nara,[3] also a showgirl, businesswoman, dancer, actress and model: their mother is Nora Colosimo[4] and their father is Andrés Nara.[5]


Nara officially debuted on stage as a second vedette in the summer theater season of 2005–2006 in the revue Humor en Custodia. In the summer theater season of 2006–2007, Nara was a vedette in the revue King Corona of Jorge Corona: however, she left the revue after two months due to alleged abuse from the comedian and his wife: Nara, after this scandal (which gave her much notoriety in the gossip magazines) signed a contract with Showmatch's Patinando por un sueño, aired in August–December 2007, as contestant and soubrette.[6] In late 2009 she participated in El Musical de tus Sueños as a contestant archiving success, and in May 2011 she became contestant in Bailando 2011, a contest Nara left to go to Italy with her then-husband Maxi López, and was replaced by her sister Zaira.

Nara, in September 2018,[7] replaced Melissa Satta as co-presenter, showgirl and opinionist[8] in Tiki Taka - Il calcio è il nostro gioco, the sports talk show of Mediaset aired in the late night slot and hosted by Pierluigi Pardo.[9] The program was aired in 2018, and also in 2020, on Italia 1,[10] and aired in 2019 on Canale 5.[11] The roles of Nara and Pardo in this program ended on 9 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in the next season (aired from September 2020 on Italia 1) they were replaced by Piero Chiambretti. In early 2020 Nara took part in the 4th season of Grande Fratello VIP (hosted by Alfonso Signorini and aired on Canale 5) as opinionist with Pupo.[12]

Personal life

Nara was married to Maxi López from 28 May 2008[13][14] to 6 November 2013;[15][16] Nara and López divorced after López accused her of cheating on him, but she accused López of repeated marital infidelity[17] and the Argentine magistrates assolved him from the charge of harassment against their home governess, but she got the public recognition that she was betrayed by her husband.[17] López and Nara have three sons, Valentino Gastón López Nara (born on 25 January 2009), Constantino López Nara (born on 18 December 2010) and Benedicto López Nara (born on 20 February 2012); not long after her divorce Nara, with her sons, left Italy to return to Buenos Aires and began a relationship with Mauro Icardi.

Icardi knew Nara during his friendship with López when they played during the 2012–13 Serie A in the same team: during the April 2014 Serie A match between Lopez's Sampdoria and Icardi's Inter, López notably refused to shake Icardi's hand, leading the international press to dub the game Wanda Derby.[18] Nara and Icardi subsequently married on 27 May 2014, not long after Nara's divorce from the first husband López (which was announced on 6 November 2013)[15][16] was finalised, with a small ceremony in Buenos Aires[19] and a big wedding party on 7 June 2014 which attracted the attention of the international press.[20] López, in April 2016,[21] repeated the story of Wanda Derby by again refusing to shake his hand during a Serie A match. Nara and Icardi have two daughters, Francesca Icardi Nara (born on 19 January 2015)[22] and Isabella Icardi Nara (born on 27 October 2016).[23]

In addition, she is also Icardi's football agent,[24] obtaining several financial successes. On 16 October 2021,[25] Nara wrote a message on her Instagram story seemingly directed at her husband Icardi.[26] The message said that someone had "ruined another family for a slut".[27] The following day, she left Paris for Milan, the family's former home until 2019, with her five children.[28] Later, the two spouses made peace[29] by clearing up the misunderstanding[29] and then Nara, with her five children, returned to live with Icardi.[29]


Year Name Role Notes
2005 Sin código Veronica Guest star, season 2
2006 Casados con hijos Novicia Bernanda Guest star, 1 episode (season 2)
2007 Showmatch Patinando por un sueño 2007 Contestant 11th eliminated
2009 El Musical de tus Sueños Contestant 5th eliminated
2011 Bailando 2011 Contestant Withdrew
2013 La pelu Anabelle Recurring role (season 2)
2017 Golpe al corazón Guadalupe Guest star, 2 episodes
2018 Especiales Musicales de Morfi Guest Co-Host 2 programs
2018 Por el mundo Guest Co-Host 1 program (season 7)
2018 - 2020 Tiki Taka - Il calcio è il nostro gioco Co-Host
2020 Grande Fratello VIP Opinionist Season 4
2022 LAM Invited


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